Somerset Menopause Pilot

Somerset Menopause Pilot
The Somerset Emotional Wellbeing Podcast
Somerset Menopause Pilot

Aug 16 2022 | 00:29:50

Episode 81 August 16, 2022 00:29:50

Show Notes

Welcome to the Somerset Emotional Wellbeing (SEW) podcast!

In this episode, Somerset Menopause Pilot, our hosts Dr. Andrew Tresidder and Dr. Peter Bagshaw are joined by Dr. Juliet Balfour from the new Somerset NHS Menopause Service to discuss how the menopause and perimenopause can affect physical and mental health, what the new Somerset Menopause Service pilot can do to help support you and treat the symptoms and how you can access help from the service when you need it.

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Somerset NHS Menopause ServiceDr Juliet Balfour set up and now runs the Somerset NHS Menopause Service. She has been a GP for over 30 years but is now concentrating on her work as a British Menopause Society recognised Menopause Specialist with the Advanced Certificate in Menopause Care.

The Somerset NHS Menopause Service is made up of three elements. The main focus for the service is on the Menopause Clinic. This work is complemented by two other services: training for GPs and public advice and information webinars around the Menopause. Follow Juliet on Instagram at @menopausehealth

BBC Article on the new Somerset NHS Menopause Service - Women going through the menopause are to be offered new services and better support as part of a year-long trial. The trial in Somerset involves better training for GPs, online sessions for women to learn more about the menopause and a weekly clinic.

Somerset Emotional Wellbeing – Do you work or volunteer in health and care in Somerset? Whatever you are going through, the Somerset Emotional Wellbeing Colleague Resilience Hub is here for you. The Somerset Emotional Wellbeing website is here to connect you with wellbeing support when you need it. Simply enter where you work, or how you are feeling on our homepage to discover and connect with local and national support options that are open to you. 

If you work or volunteer in health and care in Somerset and need to talk, you can call our dedicated, confidential Colleague Telephone Line for help with a trained professional. If you need further support after your initial conversation you can be referred for a one-off rapid access counselling session with a psychologist or counsellor. No waiting list. If you need further help we will make sure you see the right person. Call us now on 0300 124 5595 (available six days a week, from 09:00 to 17:00)

Open MH - If you are an adult living in Somerset and experiencing difficulties with your mental health, we are here to help. Open Mental Health offers support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that anyone struggling with poor mental health can access the right support at the right time.

If you need to speak to someone please contact our team at Mindline Somerset any time of the day, any day of the week locally on 01823 276892 or freephone 0800 138 1692. Or email [email protected] for support

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